Current Job Openings

As a System Engineer, I responsible for E2E testing of VoLTE network and Verified VoLTE telephony voice services which are taking place in TAS and meeting the features in operator’s IMS networks. 
Assisting and troubleshooting VoLTE call failure scenarios. During this process I dealt with some of the IMS nodes 
As a support engineer on physical and virtual (VM’s and VNF’s) TAS application server for RCS calls and undergone RCA by collecting debugging system logs such as master, signaling, protocol, UT logs and NetScout IRIS session analyzer logs.  
Installing binary software for the fixes provided on the pTAS and vTAS VM level. Also responsible for the daily admin work in order to check the health/alarms of the AS. 
As a VoLTE engineer generate alarms/alerts for Mobility, IMS and Juniper routing elements and used to generate 24/7 automated health check for VoLTE calls.
Responsible in understanding the client requirements and written/ implementation of test cases for CVoIP.

Qualification : Master's degree in computer science OR Master's degree in information technology


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